Monday, June 3, 2013

I have a confession...


I bet you thought I wasn't going to come back :p. 
Well I'm backkkkkk!! And I have a confession:

I have really been slacking with my running and I mean really. I know I can sit there and make 1000 excuses about how super busy I was but it point blank comes down to I just didn't get up and run like I needed to. I didn't make the time, I just didn't do it. 

I really got caught up in doing races and most of my runs were stressing me out because if I didn't make a certain time I dubbed myself an ultimate failure. I almost made a fatal mistake and burned myself out. 

I know I have harped on slow runners before and I will try not to sound like a broken record, but there is something to be said about the "slower" runner who gets out there and completes it no matter what. There is something to be said about someone just simply trying to do it. I let myself get caught up in comparing myself to every runner that passed me (which is a lot of people :p) and comparing myself to people who have been running for way longer than I have. 

I began to feel sorry for myself and the fact that I am slow rather than just getting out there and trucking on. And believe me this is not easy to admit to literally everyone and anyone out there. 

In my little hiatus though I realized that I really missed running and that that was what it's all about. I missed it because I love it and it makes me feel wonderful. So I'm starting new this week and really going to be working through a lot mentally. I CAN do it, why am I so hard on myself? Also, I need to get un-caught up in comparing myself to "faster" runners and wondering what people think about the girl who comes in from the 5k at 42:xx. 

If I can inspire one person to get out there and try something new that is good for them, then I'm ok with that.

So to sum it up, I'm back!! I can't promise that I will be 100% consistent with my blogging the next two weeks because I am getting married in 12 days, but I will be around! 

I hope you have a wonderful day! I am off to the gym to run! : D


I also forgot to mention  my sis-in law sister started an awesome Facebook group for moms to motivate and share their workouts with each other, it's called Mommy Fitness. I'm not a mommy but she let me join : p 
Check it out here: Mommy Fitness