Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I cannot wait to tell you about my week! So you know my grand plan of rocking our new run on Monday?? Well, we opted to go to a local running specialty shoe store instead, as it was raining and we aren't crazy about the treadmill. As you know, I have been having some major shoe issues so this was ok with me. 

Turns out the shoes I was running in, my Brooks Glycerins, weren't the right shoe for me. They had too much cushion on the heel and various other things. It was a shoe they fit me in originally but its ok, everyone's feet aren't identical! 

They got several new pairs for me to try on; several pairs of Brooks and a pair of Newton Momentums. I had heard great things about Newtons(not that Brooks aren't great! : p) so I went for those first and fell in love! I ended up leaving with a new pair of Newtons and also scored a pair of Zensah hot pink compression socks thanks to my stepdad! 

Pic I snagged from my Instagram 

How do I like my new shoes? I LOVE them!!!!!! I am seriously so excited. Me and mom did our new run today and I rocked it! I am insanely happy with these shoes, I am now a firm believer that the right shoe can make all of the difference in the world. I had ZERO leg pain, other than the usual calf soreness, muscles working, etc. and was literally smiling on the way back! I am so proud of myself and so thankful for the guys at Run Fit for hooking me up with an awesome pair of shoes!! All of the glory goes to God though for giving us a gorgeous day and allowing me to run! 

Did I mention the hills on our run were beasts?? Well they were! A picture doesn't do it justice!

A beautiful day and a pain free run= a very happy me! 

Can you tell my spirits are lifted?! I can't wait to run again! 


Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday I was going to run, but decided instead to take a little hike with Markus at a local college near my house. It was a gorgeous day out!

I thought more and more about the 5k that was on Saturday. I realized how I did not practice what I have been preaching at all. I gave up very quickly because my mind was telling me to. I am not proud of how quickly I quit trying. I guess I can say that it was a lesson and a prime example that I should push through what my brain is telling me and not to listen to those demons telling me that I can't do it. There are lessons in everything and here is a great one for me. I can push through, I am not going to give into those thoughts anymore.

Me and Markus on our hike : )

So all in all maybe flopping my 5k was something I needed, in a weird way. Maybe it was a mental hump I needed to get over as a runner, yes, I call myself a runner. I am planning to redeem myself today when me and mom run. Our training schedule goes up to run 5 minutes and walk 1 minute seven times, and I plan to rock it.  I ate well today and have had plenty of water so we will see what happens. My new shoes should be in this week and I can't wait to try them out!

Until next time!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cantrell Center 5k Recap 

Oh, let's see, do I really want to do a recap? No. 
But I did say I would write about the good times and the bad. So, here goes. 

Despite my pain the last few runs I have done, I was feeling excited about this 5k. It started raining Friday morning and continued all day long, and was expected to rain all day Saturday, which it did. Me and Markus drove to the race Saturday morning and it was just sprinkling the whole way, so I was feeling optimistic. My mom and stepdad were also on the way which was exciting, it is always a good time when my family is involved. 

We pick up our packets, and the rains begins to get harder. We go wait in the car, and it begins to rain harder. At this point we get out and go meet my mom and stepdad under a tent, and it starts to really pour down. I had on a shirt, my Reebok pullover, my North Face rain jacket and me and mom got the bright idea to put trashbags over us. Our top halves stayed dry but I got insanely hot during the run, as I had way too many layers on. 

So me and mom, all bundled up in trash bags and jackets, made our way to the start line where we waited in the rain for a few minutes and then we were off. 

Me and mom in our trash bag attire : )

Mom lost me before we even got to mile 1, which I knew would happen. She is a good bit faster than me. I started out feeling pretty decent despite the pouring rain and freezing weather. I had my music in and made it to mile 1 in 14'13, which for me is great. 

I guess this is where things began to go down hill. My shoes were sopping wet, my hands were cold, and the pain in my legs decided to join me. I kept trucking through for a little while after mile 1, doing a slow run with some walking involved. I am not sure why but I was getting more and more irritated by the minute. 

During mile 2 I stayed pretty much at this super slow run with more walking involved then running. 
I was slowly drifting in with the speed walkers, and it was really irritating me that my running was as slow, or fast, as their walking was. With that being said I sulked about 75% of mile 2, only running down hills and in small spurts. I didn't have my Garmin and I quit taking my headphones out to listen to the guys every so often that were calling our times out. 

The last mile.2 was the same thing pretty much as mile 2, so I won't bore you with the details. Although I must have been walking like I was hurting because a random nice guy asked me if I was ok, or maybe it was the irritated look on my face? 

Finally, I round a corner and a guy is yelling out that there is only half a mile left, I know mom and everyone is waiting on me so I begin running pretty fast for my short little legs. I run the whole .5 back and make it back in 50 sad little minutes. 

Photo of me coming in, courtesy of Markus. Not sure why that guy is going the opposite way??

Overall I was pretty irritated with this 5k. I was irritated with the weather, irritated that I hurt so dog gone bad, and irritated because I know that I could have pushed and done a lot better. I didn't check my official time, and I am really not too worried about it. My morning was made better by a trip to I-Hop with Markus and the fam!

I then came home and signed up for the Cherry Blossom 5k on March 23, 1 month away. And you better believe I am going to be booking it across that finish line, no more sad little 50 minute 5ks for me. 

My new shoes should be in next week and I may explore options with compression socks to help. I am also going to begin stretching every night. I'm going to keep keeping on. 

So until next time,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


That's all I've got for you. That is the only reason I can think of that I keep running. Tonight me and mom got in 3.2, and to be honest it seemed awful. Yes, I ran the whole program and didn't stop any and even ran the whole mile back, only stopping once allowing myself 10 seconds, but it still seemed awful. 

I hurt every step of the way, and I am not even sure how I kept going. Only by God's grace was I able to keep going. I was moving at a snail's pace, but hey, I was running. I honestly just wanted to cry, and on our  last mile we ran back, I almost did allow myself to cry. 

I kept thinking over and over how am I ever going to do a marathon, why am I doing this, I am so slow, etc. But the more I thought about it afterwards, my spirits lifted. I just ran 90% of 3.2 miles; while that may not seem like much to some people, I was lapping everyone on the couch. I have to step back and realize how far I have come since October. Mom reminded me tonight that at the beginning I was exhausted at the very thought of only running 1 minute, and now I can accomplish about 85% of 4 miles on our longer day. Thoughts like that help me push through and I realize that I CAN and I AM going to do this! 

I read this quote earlier this week and I knew it had a special meaning for me; today I kept thinking it after our run:

"You don't need to strive to please the world. You're already amazing in the eyes of God and He loves you unconditionally." 

Amen : )

Monday, February 18, 2013


I have been super busy lately. Last week at work was very busy and in between all of that Valentine's day was Thursday, and yes, I chose to spend it with my hunny instead of running. I managed to get in a small run on Saturday, I was excited to try out my new watch Markus got me for Valentine's day. I was totally not expecting him to get it for me, he's sweet like that. He is very understanding and supportive of my running, and I am very thankful for that. 

Me and mom got in a 4 mile run today, I did good, but I just felt ok, not good. I feel like I am having some issues with my shoes, I am not 100% sure though. I manage through the pain I have every time I run, but if another pair of shoes will help manage the pain that I will go that route. I run in Brooks Glycerin 10 right now and I feel like my feet are constantly sliding and when I tighten the laces to stop the sliding I am constantly battling my feet going to sleep. I get shin splints, I guess that's what you would call them, almost everytime I run, and they just last when I run. I always have a new pain or ache it seems like, I know I have not been running that long but I don't think every single run should be like that. Or maybe it will be something I have to just continue pushing through. 

But I decided to order another pair of Brooks, that were actually on sale for a really good price. I ordered the Brooks Pure Cadence shoes, I read tons of reviews on them and decided to give it a try. So, they should be in some time later this week for me to try out, I'm excited to see if they help my issues any. In the meantime I am going to keep pushing through because it is what I do everytime and I know that I can make it through my minor pains. I know that there are people out there that would love to be able to run; thoughts like that help me get through. 

I also have a 5k this weekend so I am excited about that! Sorry for the lengthy post! : ))

I just love my new watch!! 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

The weather here has been so nasty!
It has been raining literally every day this week; pouring down, cats and dogs, thunder and lightening.
I have only missed 1 day of running though!

I ran on the "dreadmill" yesterday. I was all mentally prepared to do awful, but to my surprise I did great! I felt great and was able to run more and a little faster. Maybe the treadmill is easier, who knows, but I did well and that was a good self esteem boost for me. I think you need runs like that; that maybe are a little easier because they really boost your self esteem and make you feel great about yourself! But I could be totally wrong about the treadmill being easier, I mean I'm sure it is easier on your body but who knows, you're still running and it is better than not running at all. I would love to hear people's opinions about the treadmill.

On another note, I am so excited because my fiance got me a pink Garmin Forerunner 10 for Valentine's day! He must have read my blog :p, or maybe it was the photo on the fridge? I am so excited to use it, I know I am going to love it!

Anyway, today is Valentine's day and I have not been eating good and will continue to not eat good tonight! I can have an off day, it IS ok! : D


Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is a "good run"? 

In my opinion the words good and run shouldn't be paired together. Every run is a good run, a run is not either good or bad, you are running either way. No matter how slow or fast you think you are, you are running. You are trying and sweating and probably cursing under your breath.  

This is something I need to engrave in my brain. Today I had what I kept referring to as a "bad run". I was running alone today, something I am not strong at. I was what I kept referring to as "slow". My spirits were down, and I was feeling like a failure. 

So I texted my favorite running partner, my mom, and she offered some words of encouragement which I am  forever grateful for. It turned me around and my spirits lifted. No matter how fast or how slow you think I am going, I am running. I am out there and I am trying my hardest and that is something that I can say is true for every run I have been on. So from now on I will try not to refer to my runs as good or bad. I will remember that every run I go on, 2 miles or 26 miles (one day!) is good for me. I am progressing and growing and learning about myself. I have also got to remember I have only been seriously running since October! : )

Me looking not so excited on my run today.

My gorgeous view!

From now on I will try to be less hard on myself! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bright colors make me happy! : )

The weather has been so wonderful the past couple of days, Monday I had another great day running, 2 great running days in a row-I was so surprised! And by great I mean I didn't hurt much at all, and I really pushed through and overall just felt good! I am really finding my "stride", as cheesy as that sounds. I am so excited at the progress I am making, it is really showing.

Tonight's weather was amazing, it was about 73-ish outside and sunny, it felt like a spring day. I started out not feeling so good, I kept telling myself it was going to be a sucky run. The devil lets the negative thoughts enter my mind, but thank God mom was there to remind me that this was not going to be a sucky run, and that at least I was out there making progress. Every mile counts. Finally the fog in my mind lifted and I knew that even if it hurt, which tonight it did hurt, that I could push through. You have to be stronger than the thoughts in your mind, I talked to God a lot and I knew I could do it.

It was only 3 miles, and at what most people would consider a snails pace, but I pushed through and just ran. I zoned out, looked at the sky, listened to my favorite running music Lecrae, and just ran. It was that simple, but sometimes we tend to make things in our life overly complicated. We can get through anything in our life with God's help. The marathon in January will be the hardest thing I have ever done, the journey leading up to it not any easier, but God will be with me the whole way, and for that I am greatful.


"Running is the greatest metaphor of life, because you get out of it what you put into it." Oprah W.

Monday, February 4, 2013

While Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday, I love any excuse for a small gift! : D

Here is some neat, affordable stuff that would make great gifts for beginner runners like myself, or even for the veteran runner in your life! : Sparkly Soul makes the cutest non-slip headbands! I have read tons of reviews on them and want a few myself. They were created by athletes for athletes, they are super cute and I have read that they don't cause headaches or hair breakage. They also come in tons of fun colors to mix and match with outfits! I would love to have a few! : I actually own one of these and I love it! It is called a spi belt, which stands for small personal items belt. I got one for Christmas and use it on almost every single run. It comes in lots of fun colors and color combinations, mine is black with a hot pink zipper. It fits around your waist and really doesn't move or bounce at all while you run. I just put my cell phone and car key in it for now, but I have read plenty of reviews and know some friends that put their ipods, gels, chews, and whatever else they may need in theirs! I also know several people that have used them in marathons and they did great as far as staying in place and holding enough stuff. The little black pouch expands to a pretty large size, pretty cool huh? : Runner's World magazine would make a great gift for any runner. It has articles for every level of runner and often has great product reviews! I just subscribed to this magazine and I have loved it so far! : I have had my eye on a Garmin Forerunner 10 for a while since I have started running. It is a simple, no frills GPS running watch perfect for a beginner. It tracks distance, speed/pace and calories, it provides motivation along the way and keeps a log of personal records. It comes in 3 super cute colors- pink, lime green and black. While in the higher price range, at a price of $130, I think it is totally worth it. I really don't love running with my iphone, and hate having to pull it out to see times, pace, etc. and I don't 100% trust the app that I use! I am hoping to get on of these soon, I think it will really help me with pacing myself. I want the pink one! : You could even get a little more personal with a personalized piece of jewelry. Every girl loves jewelry. Erica Sara Designs has some pretty, dainty pieces that any girl would love. She has pieces for the marathoner and beginner runner, the yoga guru or even monogrammed ones for the mom or newly wed. I have my eye on a custom wish necklace, which is shown below. I want 8 wishes with a bible verse on the back. Just looking at these gorgeous pieces of jewelry inspire me. She offers font options, chain options, so many options it would be hard to decide! Unless you know your girl to a 't", I would let her pick her own out. : p

So here are some basic ideas with several different price ranges, I could really go on and on and get even more in depth with clothes and stuff like that but I won't even go there! And I know V-day is more than a week away, but it will be here right before you know it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yes, I am aware of how dweeb-ish I look!

Yesterday was one of the best running days I have had in a long time! I can't even explain it, I felt awesome the whole entire time. I ran the whole times we were supposed to and we ended up running the whole mile back, I only stopped once giving myself until the count of 10 to start back. For me this is huge progress!!

I so needed a run like yesterday's. After feeling like I sucked and wasn't really doing much progress, yesterday was such a blessing. I actually found myself smiling some during the run, I think I just could not believe that I was running this much without stopping or hurting. I feel like I really hit a stride, overall I just felt amazing!

I went into it not feeling like I was going to do well because it was extremely chilly (46 degrees) and we missed running Wednesday because of terrible weather, think tornadoes and 50-60 mph winds. But whatever I did, I did something right. It was just the boost from God that I needed to assure myself that I can do this.

This is the run, while it is not the furthest or my fastest, it was amazing. It started to get dark on us so we didn't do 4 miles, just about 3, I think I started my Nike+ program a little late. I think I am finally figuring out how to pace myself, I started out what most would consider pretty slow, but that is what I need and what MY body needs and I love how I am figuring it out. I kept wanting to get faster, faster for you may be different from my faster : p, but I wouldn't allow myself to until the end. I kept a good steady slow-ish pace for majority of the run and the last mile sped up just enough- and I felt amazing! Only by the grace of God : )

If you made it through all of this rambling, then props to you!