Sunday, April 21, 2013

Busy week + Wedding planning!

So this week was pretty busy! I am in crunch mode right now with my wedding being less than 2 months away. We have gotten most of the large stuff handled so now it's on to little details and stuff like that! I'm getting excited! Also, I went dress shopping yesterday and found my dress!! It's so me. I love it! Obviously I can't post a pic :p

Here is me holding my dress 

Anyway, my workouts this week slacked majorly. I could sit here and make excuses about how busy my week was blah blah but the fact of the matter is just that, that those are excuses. I had a wonderful almost 4 mile run on Tuesday that I managed to do in 51 minutes!! I felt wonderful and was really "booking it" (remember that term is relative to the person : p)! It was a nice run after Monday's run, which I felt like I could have done better.

As you know I have officially signed up for the Disney Marathon so it is time to get super serious. I have been making myself drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I'm not going to lie, some days it is very hard and by the end of the day I am so sick of water; but it is good for me to stay hydrated and just good for me overall. It makes me eat less because I feel full and I really am slimming down and toning up. A good idea is to purchase a water bottle that is 1 liter and carry that around with you everywhere you go. It is mentally easier for me to drink the whole liter and fill it up one more time rather than filling up a small one like 50 times, I'm not sure why this is. You can see my trusty 1 liter bottle with me in the pic above!

Also, I mayyyy have talked my fiance, Markus, into running the Rock-n-Roll Savannah half with me in Novemeber!! He has been going to the gym with me and running some and has been doing great. This makes my heart happy!

I love this time of year though when there are lots of fun races going on! I have an autism awareness 5k this Saturday and 2 or 3 more coming up in the next couple of months, I also have my 1st 10k coming up at the end of May!! 

Sorry to ramble on! I guess if you get anything from this post let it be that hard work and dedication really do pay off!! I am no where near running 26 miles yet, but I am getting stronger and a little faster over time! Running takes a lot of dedication and effort put into it, but I promise if you stick with it you will progress and be able to achieve your goals! You CAN do it! : )



  1. How exciting that you found your wedding dress!! I am hoping to do my first full in the spring of next year so signing up for one is super exciting as well. Right now I just want to survive my first half in 2 weeks!

  2. I am being a little ambitious with doing my 1st full in January, it obviously won't be for time, just compleation! I hope to do many more after it though. Good luck on your half, you will do great!! : ) Let us know how it goes.

  3. I ran the Disney World Marathon as my first ever marathon, too -- they really do put on a great race. (I mean, who knows more about moving crowds around than Disney, right?) Good luck