Friday, April 26, 2013


I really have a lot going on this time of year so I am trying to blog at least once a week, I will pick back up with it consistantly right after June 15; after my wedding!! Between work and wedding planning I really have been swamped.

But I am just going to be honest, I have a 5k tomorrow supporting Autism Awareness and I am very underprepared for it. My *goal* was under 40 minutes and I am going to be positive and say I CAN achieve that goal, but we all know what I'm thinking. I am just going to go into and just run, no thinking required. Tonight I have a spring fling at my job until 8pm so that won't help the issue any. No excuses!

I will have a race recap by Sunday for you guys!

By the way, who has tried these?
They are awesome! They make a great little snack and satisfy a chocolate craving for only 100 calories and only about 13 or so grams of sugar. (I couldn't find the sugar amount online : p) I will definitely be buying more of these though! 

So anyway send me good thoughrs and prayers for my 5k tomorrow! I know its only a 5k but still.... : D


I was not paid by Chobani to say that the Chobani Bites are delicious! : ) hehe.


  1. Omg!! I'm partially wedding planning too lol we should talk about this haha. How's it going?

  2. @Porsche Purkett: Hi! Well congrats! : D

    My wedding is in JUNE lol so I'm like getting down to the wire trying to handle little last minute things here and there, so much to do!!