Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jumbo cinnamon rolls and baby kisses!

I'm baaaaaaccckkk! : p

I know you all missed me, but I had a great time in CA! I really didn't want to leave. The weather was amazing and there are so many awesome, flat running spots and also some of my favorite people in the world live there! I did have a difficult time running while I was there but I think it had to do with the amount of not so good food I was eating and the few drinks I had here and there. Oh well, haha.

To sum up the trip:

There was a lot of this...

A lot of this...

A little bit of this...

And some of this.

This week I am having a hard time getting back into the groove of things. I ran with mom yesterday but it is not even going to count as one of our training runs-it was that bad. I couldn't get into it and just never got in the groove so we cut it very short. That's ok though, there will be days like that.

In other news I am going to my first spin class tonight, I'm a little nervous. It is only 45 minutes though so I am sure I can survive!

Also, Disney Marathon registration opens today!! I have already signed up!! I am SO excited and can't wait for it! I can do all things through Him! Who else is signing up for it?


Later on this week: workout updates, 5 things Friday and more! : )


  1. Oh, I just love California! I can see why it would be hard to leave! What great pictures!

  2. It's so hard to get back into daily rhythm after vacation, Regan. I really want to commit to daily exercise. Right now, it's much more hit and miss. Great post!

  3. @Ginny Marie- yes, it was SO hard to leave! Thanks, I took a lot more but decided to spare everyone : p

    @Carol- It is hard isn't it! Gosh, I have been so tired all week and it is only a 3 hour time difference! I have gotten in such rhythm with excercising almost everyday that when I miss I hate it! Thanks! : )