Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gracie's Gear + Weekly randomness!!


Another busy week gone by..didn't get in my workouts like I should have. The weather was gorgeous though so I did take advantage of it and go on 2 runs! I went on another "naked" run on Monday! Well, I did have my music in one ear but no watch or no app tracking my speed/time. It felt great to just get out there and run and I did a great job (if I must say so myself :p) and I felt really strong and that's what it is all about! 

such a pretty day!

The Jeff Galloway training program for the marathon begins in July and it starts with 3 miles. I already have a solid 3 miles so I am concentrating on improving on that before really having to buckle down on my training schedule in July, I am excited though!

In other news, earlier this week I was contacted by a sweet lady named Gracie! She started a company in 2006 called Gracie's Gear; they make these awesome sports bras and tanks!

 They aren't just any normal sports bras and tanks, these have nifty 3 compartment pockets on the front of the for storing cell phones, credit cards, a key, etc. They also have iPod cord management, which is awesome because I am all of the time fighting with my iPod cords! 

To make a long story short, Gracie had a fight with cervical cancer in 2008 that lead to her having to shut the company down. She is on Kickstarter trying to kickstart her company again and needs backers to make a pledge so she can open her "doors" again! 

I really like this product though because I am all of the time putting my phone in my bra and wondering where to put my key at. I think this is so nifty and such a neat idea. They are also made for women by women and as of 2013 will be made in the USA! 

Let's spread the word and help Gracie's store open back up!

Check out her website:


I promise I will be back several times a week after my wedding! : )

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