Sunday, May 12, 2013

Run with the big dogs!


It's been a busy week! This time of year is always really busy; you have the end of the school year mixed with final wedding planning which equals a crazy time for me! 

This weekend was the Run with the Big Dogs 5k my step-dad puts on every year, well for the past 2 years. It's at a local high school and it is a route me and my mom run all of the time. I love it, it's such a nice run. It was also a PM 5k, which I was excited about! I am used to getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to run races so I was glad for an evening one for a change, I think more races should take note if this. 

Also, I talked Markus into running this one with me! We didn't train at all like we should have this week so I was quite worried as to how this was going to go over. By the time we got there my attitude was more of a "I'm just going to have fun and do my best because I love this route" kind of attitude. 

Me and Markus before the race (and his goofy shirt : p)

To make a long story short I felt great the whole time despite the muggy, humid GA weather. It was cloudy and overcast and had a little breeze every now and then, it was overall just so nice feeling outside. There were a ton of people I knew there and the atmosphere was great. I really had a fun time and came in at 42:23, and after the week of eating like I did and not properly training, I'll take it! 

Markus did great! He came in at 39:xx!! He really did such a good job. He also got 2nd in his age group; we will keep it a secret that there were only 2 in his age group. : D I am glad we could do that together, it really meant a lot to me. I really just had a lot of fun! I was shooting for 39 min but that's ok! I left feeling great and proud of Markus! I am already looking for another one to sign us up for. 

Us after the race!

 I am proud because this was the FIRST time I have ever run without my music, without my phone, without my watch or anything. I made the last minute decision to throw all of my stuff back in the car and just run, and I'm so glad I did! I actually may run more often without music. I really loved looking around and thinking and I spent a lot of time talking to God. It was overall very nice not to have the clock ticking and me stressing over that. I think everyone needs to run without all of their gear every once in a while. 

All in all my time was not what I wanted it to be but I am proud of myself because even though I am slow, I am now able to run 98% of a 5k. I only walked about twice and each time it was through a water stop. I may be slow but I am able to run the distance and I will take that, speed will come as I get more experience. I am going to be adding on some distance soon. I know I said I was going to do that a while back but things happen; I am still making progress though and getting stronger each time!

Happy running! The weather is supposed to be great here this week so I can't wait!


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  1. Congrats on a race! It is great that your step dad puts on one each year! I know that can be challenging. Also congrats to your hubby on a placement in age group! Great job!