Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's talk about "slow" runners!

Let's talk about being a "slow runner"!

After an inproptu 5k Saturday, in the pouring rain I might add, I came to the conclusion that it really is tough being a "slow" runner. It can be very discouraging to run as slow as some people are walking. It can be very discouraging to be running in the back with the walking croud. You wonder if you should even call yourself a "runner".

Those were some of the thoughts I had Saturday after the 5k, coming in at 45 minutes and who cares seconds. Granted it was pouring down rain the whole time and the 1st mile and a half was uphill, I for some reason just felt really "slow". Mostly because I could see people in  front of me walking casually and strolling about. It can make you feel very defeated very fast. Here I am struggling and working hard to run and here they are walking along.

But instead of feeling bad for myself I held my head up and finished. I only walked a couple of times for no longer than a minute each time. I am just really slow. But I get out there and I do it, I get out there and try and because of that I will get better.

I have earned the right to call myself a runner. You also have, no matter how slow or fast you may be. Running is such a personal journey, that's one reason why I love it. It's me, myself, and I. It's about me doing my best and making goals for myself and learning what I can do now and can't do yet but will be able to do. As I was watching the 20 minute 5k'ers pass me, I was thinking about how they have so earned that. They put in the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears just as I am going to do. One of my favorite songs came on at the end of the 5k Saturday, it's called "Your love never fails" and I love it. As I was coming in I couldn't help but smile and be thankful I had two legs able to carry me, slow or fast. 

Don't be discouraged because you think you may be too slow. Keep on keeping on and you will make progress. Hold your head up and be thankful you can run. It takes time and major effort to make progress. It is not guaranteed overnight, but I promise you you can do it!! Most of all have fun! It's a journey, one I will one day look back on and smile. I may be slow now but I'm not ruling out ever running in Boston. I'm not ruling out ever running 7 minute miles. I dream big and no one can stop me. : )



  1. That is an excellent attitude to have. Running is personal as you say so do it at your own pace. And props to you for running a race in the rain, says a lot about your determination; running in the rain is it's own form of torture.
    I enjoyed reading this and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  2. I love this post and agree completely! I just had my fastest 5K this weekend at just over 41 minutes. It's taken me two years to get to that point. The thing I love about running is I feel like I'm only competing with myself. Every time I run, I feel good even if everyone else is faster than me.

    During the summer I often run at a local track and I love to see the people out there struggling to just walk one lap without sitting down. I always cheer them on because we could all so easily be home in front of the TV but we aren't.

  3. This is a great post, I'm a slow runner and even my current slowness is an improvement on fast slowness. It's all about pushing yourself and not judging yourself based on anyone else who has probably been training a lot longer. Noticing your own little improvements along the way is the best way to appreciate and celebrate your own accomplishments! Also this is a few years in advance but good luck at boston! (you'll get there I'm sure)

  4. Timely post as the weather gets warmer and more people want to try running. I think it's human nature to compare to other people running is no different.

    I've learned to only compete with myself when it comes to running and root others on that are looking for encouragement.

  5. Its great you have such a wonderful point of view o this. I sometimes feel so very slow when I start to compare myself to others. But then I remind myself this is a race against myself and no one else. Great post!

  6. Thanks for the support! I was not sure how this topic would go over. : )

    Good luck to everyone in their running adventures!

  7. This was very encouraging... I am a slow runner.. I used to run years ago but I am pretty rusty inside.. But I will not give up.. I began my journey march 18, 2013 and to date I have lost 45 pounds.. This began as a journey to good health for me.. But has become so much more.. running is my therapy.. you and the road.. no one else in your head.. you can get all the stress out.. cry .. laugh.. what ever is needed...everything clears out and you get to just breath.... I hope you have a great day!!!!!!!!!!