Thursday, January 24, 2013

Run, run as fast as you can.

So me and mom went on a run yesterday, we did 3.89 in 52:54, which is great progress for me! The first two miles I cuss everyone under the sun, does anyone else hurt as bad as I do? It's every single time I run and almost exactly the first two miles before I am able to warm up good and don't feel like I am dying. I have gotten used to it though, I know that if I can drag myself the first two-ish miles then after that I will feel good!

Also, I tried some sports beans this time before I ran. I know what your thinking, I am not experienced enough or don't run long enough to need sports beans. But I have the problem of being really hungry before I run, and I can't handle eating much before so I decided to try some sports beans to see if they would spare me the feeling that I am running out of fuel in my runs. They really did help me, or maybe it was a mental thing? :p

My view on our run

I really enjoyed my run last night though, it was chilly but not too cold and it was just a beautiful afternoon overall. I turned Lecrae all the way up and listened to his inspiring and truthful lyrics. God is the only reason I am able to get myself through these runs, because I will tell you I am not a natural runner at all. It is very hard for me at times but I push through with God's help and know that I can do this.


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