Sunday, January 27, 2013

Went on a run today, was not my best day. I know not everyday is going to be your best day, so you just have to keep moving foward. I really wanted it to be a good day though, it was cool outside and the scenery at a local college I ran at was beautiful. I think I am a little too hard on myself, I have only been running consistantly since October of 2012, but I am the kind of person that wants instant results. But the fact that I am having to work so hard at this will make it that much sweeter when I cross the line of my marathon next year.

I know I can do anything with God's help, and He is going to be the only thing that gets me through this. So in my good runs and my bad runs I lift Him up and thank Him that I am able to get out there and run at all! : )

It will be a journey but it will be well worth it, I will just keep lacing up my shoes and moving foward.


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