Monday, February 4, 2013

While Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday, I love any excuse for a small gift! : D

Here is some neat, affordable stuff that would make great gifts for beginner runners like myself, or even for the veteran runner in your life! : Sparkly Soul makes the cutest non-slip headbands! I have read tons of reviews on them and want a few myself. They were created by athletes for athletes, they are super cute and I have read that they don't cause headaches or hair breakage. They also come in tons of fun colors to mix and match with outfits! I would love to have a few! : I actually own one of these and I love it! It is called a spi belt, which stands for small personal items belt. I got one for Christmas and use it on almost every single run. It comes in lots of fun colors and color combinations, mine is black with a hot pink zipper. It fits around your waist and really doesn't move or bounce at all while you run. I just put my cell phone and car key in it for now, but I have read plenty of reviews and know some friends that put their ipods, gels, chews, and whatever else they may need in theirs! I also know several people that have used them in marathons and they did great as far as staying in place and holding enough stuff. The little black pouch expands to a pretty large size, pretty cool huh? : Runner's World magazine would make a great gift for any runner. It has articles for every level of runner and often has great product reviews! I just subscribed to this magazine and I have loved it so far! : I have had my eye on a Garmin Forerunner 10 for a while since I have started running. It is a simple, no frills GPS running watch perfect for a beginner. It tracks distance, speed/pace and calories, it provides motivation along the way and keeps a log of personal records. It comes in 3 super cute colors- pink, lime green and black. While in the higher price range, at a price of $130, I think it is totally worth it. I really don't love running with my iphone, and hate having to pull it out to see times, pace, etc. and I don't 100% trust the app that I use! I am hoping to get on of these soon, I think it will really help me with pacing myself. I want the pink one! : You could even get a little more personal with a personalized piece of jewelry. Every girl loves jewelry. Erica Sara Designs has some pretty, dainty pieces that any girl would love. She has pieces for the marathoner and beginner runner, the yoga guru or even monogrammed ones for the mom or newly wed. I have my eye on a custom wish necklace, which is shown below. I want 8 wishes with a bible verse on the back. Just looking at these gorgeous pieces of jewelry inspire me. She offers font options, chain options, so many options it would be hard to decide! Unless you know your girl to a 't", I would let her pick her own out. : p

So here are some basic ideas with several different price ranges, I could really go on and on and get even more in depth with clothes and stuff like that but I won't even go there! And I know V-day is more than a week away, but it will be here right before you know it.

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