Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yes, I am aware of how dweeb-ish I look!

Yesterday was one of the best running days I have had in a long time! I can't even explain it, I felt awesome the whole entire time. I ran the whole times we were supposed to and we ended up running the whole mile back, I only stopped once giving myself until the count of 10 to start back. For me this is huge progress!!

I so needed a run like yesterday's. After feeling like I sucked and wasn't really doing much progress, yesterday was such a blessing. I actually found myself smiling some during the run, I think I just could not believe that I was running this much without stopping or hurting. I feel like I really hit a stride, overall I just felt amazing!

I went into it not feeling like I was going to do well because it was extremely chilly (46 degrees) and we missed running Wednesday because of terrible weather, think tornadoes and 50-60 mph winds. But whatever I did, I did something right. It was just the boost from God that I needed to assure myself that I can do this.

This is the run, while it is not the furthest or my fastest, it was amazing. It started to get dark on us so we didn't do 4 miles, just about 3, I think I started my Nike+ program a little late. I think I am finally figuring out how to pace myself, I started out what most would consider pretty slow, but that is what I need and what MY body needs and I love how I am figuring it out. I kept wanting to get faster, faster for you may be different from my faster : p, but I wouldn't allow myself to until the end. I kept a good steady slow-ish pace for majority of the run and the last mile sped up just enough- and I felt amazing! Only by the grace of God : )

If you made it through all of this rambling, then props to you!


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