Thursday, February 14, 2013

The weather here has been so nasty!
It has been raining literally every day this week; pouring down, cats and dogs, thunder and lightening.
I have only missed 1 day of running though!

I ran on the "dreadmill" yesterday. I was all mentally prepared to do awful, but to my surprise I did great! I felt great and was able to run more and a little faster. Maybe the treadmill is easier, who knows, but I did well and that was a good self esteem boost for me. I think you need runs like that; that maybe are a little easier because they really boost your self esteem and make you feel great about yourself! But I could be totally wrong about the treadmill being easier, I mean I'm sure it is easier on your body but who knows, you're still running and it is better than not running at all. I would love to hear people's opinions about the treadmill.

On another note, I am so excited because my fiance got me a pink Garmin Forerunner 10 for Valentine's day! He must have read my blog :p, or maybe it was the photo on the fridge? I am so excited to use it, I know I am going to love it!

Anyway, today is Valentine's day and I have not been eating good and will continue to not eat good tonight! I can have an off day, it IS ok! : D


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