Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is a "good run"? 

In my opinion the words good and run shouldn't be paired together. Every run is a good run, a run is not either good or bad, you are running either way. No matter how slow or fast you think you are, you are running. You are trying and sweating and probably cursing under your breath.  

This is something I need to engrave in my brain. Today I had what I kept referring to as a "bad run". I was running alone today, something I am not strong at. I was what I kept referring to as "slow". My spirits were down, and I was feeling like a failure. 

So I texted my favorite running partner, my mom, and she offered some words of encouragement which I am  forever grateful for. It turned me around and my spirits lifted. No matter how fast or how slow you think I am going, I am running. I am out there and I am trying my hardest and that is something that I can say is true for every run I have been on. So from now on I will try not to refer to my runs as good or bad. I will remember that every run I go on, 2 miles or 26 miles (one day!) is good for me. I am progressing and growing and learning about myself. I have also got to remember I have only been seriously running since October! : )

Me looking not so excited on my run today.

My gorgeous view!

From now on I will try to be less hard on myself! 

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