Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cherry Blossom 5k!


I hope your weekend has been great! Mine has been pretty good! On Saturday I had the Cherry Blossom 5k, I was so excited for it. Of course, the weather had to be nasty. It rained all the day before and sprinkled the whole time during the 5k, luckily the heavy rain held off until right after I got done!

So after my last 5k, the Cantrell Center 5k, I vowed that I would not have another time like that again. And guess what? I didn't!

My time was 41:49!! I beat my previous time by about 8 minutes! I am so proud of myself, it shows me that my hard work will pay off. I ran the whole way, yes ran (I am still slow), except through the water stop. I am proud of myself for pushing through. I wanted to walk some but I kept telling myself to keep running. It can get discouraging when your running as slow as some people are walking but after mile 1.5 I was feeling great and began passing most of these walking people. By the last mile I was feeling awesome and high tailed it back to the finish line! 

I was feeling so good at the end that I really hated to stop running! I think a 10k is in my sights, in a few months of course. Also, I was super disapointed that there weren't any pink donuts, something happened and they ended up not having them. I got a banana muffin after instead, while not the pink donut I had my heart set on, it was still good. 

All smiles after my progress!

I realize my time is not amazing, but I am proud that my hard work logging miles is paying off. I hope that I can be an inspiration to someone just starting out with running. It may seem discouraging getting passed a lot, but just keep on going. I have another 5k planned for the end of April so I am going to focus hard on training this month and try to get my time down under 40 minutes. I know I can do it. Make a goal and stick to it, don't let it out of your sights!

I didn't get many pictures, as it was sprinkling the whole time so I kept my phone nice and tucked away in my bra. And Markus didn't get any either, he even missed me coming across the finish line! I finished a little earlier than we both anticipated. The race had a photographer and if those photos aren't too horrible I will post them when they get put up!

Overall I enjoyed this race! It was organized and had great post race snacks and entertainment despite the weather. My only complaint is that the shirts are super small and short. Mine is super tight and short and it's not any different of a size than I normally get, but oh well. 

If your new to running, I know things can get discouraging. It is hard to be one of the slower people, but keep your head up! We all start somewhere. Keep on training and logging miles and you will get better! Thank God for what your body can do for you! 

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these shoes?! : p

If you made it through this post than props to you!



  1. Hey, I found you on Running Bloggers, I'm Amy and I blog at

    Congrats on your race! We all have to start somewhere and I think your time is great for a beginner. You might get passed but you always beat everyone who doesn't show up for a race and those who will never have the courage to even get out there. Plus a PR is a PR, congratulations!! You could definitely go for a 10K too, but they are kinda hard to find these days. Seems like there are more half marathons now than 10K.

    Love your purple Newtons. As a long time runner, I just can't run in those... I'm a heal striker. But their shoes are the coolest colors ever :).

  2. Congrats on such awesome improvement!! I just started running in Newtons and so far I love them too :) Definitely having to keep my mileage a little lower in them until I fully transition over.

  3. You did AWESOME proud! Remember you are only competing against yourself! Way to go Regan! So glad I found your blog!

  4. Thanks so much guys : )! I have another one in a month and I am working hard to do even better!

    @Beka, my calves killed me at first with my Newtons! You will be even more in love with them when you get them nice and broken in!

  5. Found you on Running Bloggers! You did a great job and an 8 minute PR is AMAZING! I am a new runner as well and I love finding other runners that are newbies as well =) I just started a blog a few months ago at and I am loving this blogging community as well =)

  6. @ C Channell thanks so much! I will check your blog out : )