Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly recap!

Here is what I've done this week!

Actual-2 miles, on the track at the gym. We just joined a new gym and I was excited to try out the indoor track! I figured out I didn't *love* it. I was constantly looking over my shoulder as the track was pretty packed. I think I like the treadmill better as far as indoor running goes! Also, never dry shave before you go run-ouch! 

Actual-1 mile up the road just because it was pretty out. I just felt like I had to becasue it was such a nice day. It was pretty pointless though and I decided to turn around because my thighs were eating my shorts pretty bad. 

Actual: 3.2 miles in 42 min on treadmill and 1.35 miles in 17:46 on track before that so 4.55-wow! I felt great today! I actually feel like I owe some of the credit to the girl beside me on the treadmill. She was booking it and because she was doing so, I didn't want to stop. So, thanks random treadmill girl! 

Goal-0, late work day

Goal-Between 2 and 3 miles
Actual: 2.1 miles, not sure of my time, I had to restart my treadmill twice because I hit the stop button somehow with my hand..whatever, I know I got in 2 if not a little more. 

I am planning on going to the gym tomorrow morning to get in a few miles. I cut my workout short today (Friday) because I just wasn't feeling it, and after my treadmill kept stopping I finally just quit and decided to come try again on Saturday. I have been running indoors mostly this week because mom is sick and I am not a huge fan of running outside alone, where I live I really don't have too many options so the gym is a good place for me. Plus, I feel like I go a little faster that normal on the treadmill so I think it does benefit me, it is also a good morale boost. : D

All in all I have felt pretty decent about my running this week and I am still loving my shoes! I would like to keep my milage around at least 3.2 or higher everytime I run, I think I am getting to that point in my running where I need to do that. No, I am still not super fast but speed will come. It is not my biggest concern right now. 

 1 week from tomorrow I have the Cherry Blossom 5k so I am excited about that! Have a great weekend!
And if your not surre you can do it, just hold your head high and keep on keeping on! You can do all things through Him!


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