Sunday, March 10, 2013

I just loved this when I saw it

My week this week has not been good at all running wise. I am not sure what happened. It is a week I wish I could do all over. I ran Monday and I am so embarassed to say that that was it. I have such a hard time running alone, and mom couldn't run with me Wednesday and we both weren't feeling well Friday. I KNOW running alone is something I am just going to have to get over because I WON'T have any more weeks like this past one. 

We are running tomorrow and I can't wait!! I need to get out there, I did miss it everyday I did not run. I wanted to be out there, I am just not sure what happened. I battle so much with myself about not being able to do it, and sometimes those voices win. At the stage I am at with my running, I really think it helps for me to run with someone else, my self esteem about my running is horribly bad. I am excited though that I have talked my fiance, Markus, into doing a 5k with me in May. So that will be great for me; on days me and mom don't run I still have a running buddy! 

I will conquer this whole running alone issue, it is something I just am going to have to get over. Motivation is welcome though : ). And I am still registering for the marathon when registration opens-I am so excited!! 
All in all I just had a sucky week but I am declaring that next week will be better!


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