Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivational Monday!

So I am going to start this dreaded day of the week, Monday, out in good spirits!

To anyone who thinks that they are not athletic enough to run-If my non athletic self can do it, you CAN do it!
To anyone who thinks they don't "look like a runner"- hey, curves are nice too!
To anyone who thinks that they are slow- slow and steady wins the race!
 Mentally tune out everything around you, thank your body for what it has done and will do for you whether slow or fast. 
God is bigger than any problems you may have in your life, turn it all over to Him. 

Running is such a good escape from everything. Make today's run amazing no matter how many miles you do or how slow or fast you go! Clear your mind have enjoy it! You can do it, I promise. Your hard work and dedication will pay off. I know my journey isn't even half way compleated but I have faith that I can do all things through Him.

So with that being said, happy Monday!



  1. This is so good and so true!! I would not be where I am today without the Lord. I have a tattoo on my ankle that says in Hebrew, "Yahweh my Strength". I got it when I was training for my Half. HE is my strength, I could not do this without Him!

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