Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy 1st day of Spring!

Hi guys!

Happy first day of Spring!

I am so excited because my sister-in-law sister is in labor with my first nephew! I will become an aunt, hopefully today! He lives in CA though so I have to wait until my spring break at work to see him, but thats only 2 weeks away-hope I can make it!

Here is what I have done so far this week!

Goal-no running, yoga class
Actual: Yoga class for 45 minutes
I enjoyed this yoga class, it was a nice change from running and a good rest for my legs. While it was not as hard as yoga that I am used to (I did yoga for a long time at a yoga studio downtown near where I live) I  did enjoy it. It gave me a good stretch and worked my core a little bit.

Goal-no actual goal, I went into running today with the attitude to just run what Tuesday gave me.
Actual: 2.5 miles on the treadmill at a lot faster pace than I would usually do. I was feeling good so I decided to do some work with my "speed" and just do a good two and a half miles. I finished with 2.5 miles in 33:xx, so about a 13:20 min/mile which for me is fast! It felt great though.

I am not sure what I have planned for today, I want to do a yoga class at my gym but it is not until 7:30, which is a little late for my taste but we will see. I may run today instead. I am thinking of resting on Thursday and Friday since my 5k is Saturday. I know that is not a long distance but I want to do a lot better than my last 5k at the Cantrell Center.

I also heard that there were pink donuts at the end of this 5k, all the more reason to go faster! :p

So look out for a recap of the Cherry Blossom 5k sometime this weekend! Also, I just have to add that I am SO loving my new shoes, I have decided I will never go back to another brand-I am just smitten with my Newton shoes.



  1. Congratulations on becoming an aunt! That is so exciting!

  2. Congrats on becoming an aunt! That's a great way to start of the spring season! Oh, and sorry about the including of my link below. It feels weird to me, like it's less sincere. I just want to make sure that it's out there. I really do want to congratulate you though... now I'm just rambling.... I'll stop.

  3. OMG pink donuts...Do it! the blog! Following